International Payment Systems

Payment: an unavoidable step! For companies with a 5% net profit is 5%, 20 orders of equivalent value are necessary to offset one unpaid invoice. And half of commercial letters of credit have documentary discrepancies, therefore subject to your customer’s approval.
How to select a payment system? At what cost? What are the risks attached to a Stand By Letter of Credit? How to fill an L/C application form? What about the documentary remittance? How to assess a commercial risk? A political risk? How useful is an insurance credit? What to concretely do to reduce payment delay? Protect the buyer’s interest? What answer to a client who informs you they are unable to pay his debt? 

Interviews in French of Michel Eric Ehrlich done by “Entrepreneurs’ TV” are available on the page “Video” of DefiCom regarding the “Export Diagnostic” – “Specificities of Negotiation in the Middle-East” – “Select a Payment System”. Watch this space!

Topics related to Payment Systems most frequently provided during DefiCom’s courses:

–       Implement a method for political and commercial risk assessment
–       Understand the process of a commercial letter of credit
–       Reduce the number of amendments and discrepancies in letters of credit
–       Find out errors when comparing letters of credit to corresponding offers
–       Come up with quality features suitable for a relevant Pre-Shipment Inspection certificate
–       Use transfer or draft in case of high level of trust in your customer
–       Identify the interest and limits of Cash On Delivery and documentary remittance (D/A & D/P)
–       Decide among the various payment systems whether to use or not the Stand By Letter of Credit
–       Choose the relevant payment system depending on whether you are a buyer or a seller
–       Write a practical guide for an effective Credit Management
–       Analyse the mechanism behind a currency exchange rate movement
–       Engage in hedging transactions to manage foreign exchange risk
“Good structure, informative, exercises are helpful
“Easy explanation of difficult issues”
“Very interesting, easy-going, energic lecturer”
Michel Eric Ehrlich in Baku11


DefiCom’s target audience for these courses in International Payment Systems:

  • Area Export Manager
  • Business Engineer
  • Buyer
  • Controller
  • Export Manager
  • Export Assistant
  • Exporter
  • Importer
  • Business Engineer
  • International Seller
  • Purchase Manager
  • Sales Administration Department
  • Sales Manager