Negotiation – B2B Sales

The Negotiation or Sales Meeting is a decisive step in any marketing and sales process
How to overcome the barrier of a switchboard or secretary? Which information to collect before a meeting? How to express a convincing selling point? What is the response to: “I’ll think about it”? What should our attitude be towards an aggressive opponent? A manipulator? How to grant a price reduction to an American? How to behave in the Middle East or in Japan? How to strike a deal?


Practice negotiation skills through numerous games and role-playing games:

  • Test the efficiency of your argumentation with the game “the Carrier”
  • Integrate the key role of trust while playing “the Restaurant Owner”
  • Practice active listening with the role-play “the Korean”
  • Improve your expression with “the Politician”
  • Get the best value for money with the role-playing game “the Sun Lounge Manufacturer”
  • Become aware of the irrationality of some decisions thanks to the game “the Auctions”
  • Train for a multidimensional stakes negotiation with the role-playing game “the Executive Committee”  

Michel Eric Ehrlich’s interview by Entrepreneurs’ TV about the “Specificities of Negotiation in the Middle East” on

Topics most frequently provided by DefiCom during these Negotiation and B2B Sales sessions and trainings:

–      Use the social networks
–      Build a compelling case thanks to the FAP method
–      Adopt a cooperative or an aggressive style during a b2b sales
–      Prepare your face-to-face, by phone or webinar sales meetings
–      Pay attention to the informal chat at the beginning of a meeting, esp. in the Middle-East
–      Develop your active listening abilities
–      Improve trust and confidence, a key for any sale
–      Use positive words
–      Ensure that your non-verbal language matches your verbal message
–      Get the best value for money when purchasing
–      Identify the stakes of a negotiation
–      Be creative during the negotiation process
–      Overcome the barrier of a switchboard or assistant
–      Handle objections
–      Manage and overcome a conflict
–      Detect manipulation
–      Care for the key accounts
–      Apply the BATNA approach in the course of a negotiation
–      Get through Request for Proposals (“Tenders”)
–      Clinch the deal smoothly
–      Negotiate in the Middle East or with people coming from the Middle East
“Theory study and practice interact: very useful
“Everything was excellent!  Nothing to improve”

DefiCom’s target audience for these courses in Negotiation and Sales Technics:

  • Area Export Manager
  • Buyer
  • EMEA (Europe – Middle East – Africa) Sales Director
  • Export Manager
  • Export Director
  • Exporter
  • Importer
  • International Business Engineer
  • International Sales Agent
  • Key Account Manager
  • MENA (Middle East – North Africa) Sales Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Purchase Director
Michel Eric Ehrlich in Baku42