International Economics & Major Stakes

Grasping the economic interactions between nations is also anticipating their knock-on effects on business. Both threats and opportunities, taking into consideration their effects in a broader process of thought has become a major stake and asset.
What impact have the international trade on wealth and wellbeing? Which indicators to use? Is free trade a myth? What have the 1929 and 2009 crises in common? What are the consequences of farming subsidies granted by developed countries to developing countries? Is raw materials scarcity an issue?

Topics most frequently provided by DefiCom during these courses in International Economics:

–          Assimilate the Comparative Advantage theory, source of the globalisation
–          Define tariff, non-tariff barriers and imperfect competition
–          Make out the role of the WTO, IMF and World Bank
–          Compare countries performances and policies effectiveness thanks to relevant international indicators
–          Understand externalities, subsidies, activist and free trade policies
–          Grasp the mechanisms at the origin of exchange rate fluctuations
–          Analyse the macro-economic policies for open economies
–          Discern the underlying causes of the financial crises from 1929 to 2013
–          Understand the specific difficulties of the poorest countries
–          Interpret the causes, evolution and possible consequences of global warming on business
–          Explore the possible future development scenarios of a major country: India and their effects on purchase departments
“I have started to understand why I had learned micro & macroeconomics actually! Our professor showed how to connect our knowledge” 
I enjoyed your class, also wanted to extend an additional thank you for the time I spent under your instruction and despite the short period, it helped immensely when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do after college. You helped me see how much economy can do in the world and I will always be grateful for that
“We could learn international economics deeply”


DefiCom’s target audience for these courses in International Economics:

  • Area Export Manager
  • Buyer
  • Business Unit Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Export Director
  • International Business Engineer
  • Key Account Manager
  • Purchase Director
  • Sales Director

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