To build an international strategy is key for any International Business Development

It has to be carefully developped…
Where to start? What are the various steps? Is an export diagnostic lengthy and expensive? How to ensure that a strategy is successful? Is a lawyer needed for any modification to a sales, agent or distributor contract? Is a patent-protection always the best solution? How to make a new agent or distributor efficient?

Interviews in French of Michel Eric Ehrlich done by “Entrepreneurs’ TV” are available on the page “Video” of DefiCom regarding the “Export Diagnostic” – “Specificities of the Negotiations in the Middle-East” – “Select a payment system”. Watch this space!

Topics most frequently provided by DefiCom during these sessions in International Business Development:

–          Carry out or subcontract an export diagnostic, initial stage of any international development strategy
–          Define the topics of an internal audit
–          Determine the current key success factors for your company
–          Select the right export markets thanks to the funnel method
–          Apply to your draft project the four security principles that any strategy should follow
–          Explore in depth the advantages and drawbacks of the numerous existing distribution channels
–          Choose the distribution channels adapted to your company, targets and markets
–          Understand the challenges of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
–          Increase your awareness of the limits of the patents
–          Make yours the e-commerce specificities and difficulties
–          Identify and select an agent or a distributor
–          Identify the key points in agents or distributors contract
–          Implement the eleven processes to run and boost an international agent and distribution network in order to train, control and engage it.
–          Determine the best possible business development strategy of a Swiss watch manufacturer
Practical examples, topic useful for future business”
Informative, interactive, easily understood
“Interesting discussions
“Good approach to students which helps to feel comfortable in the class”


DefiCom’s target audience for these courses in International Business Development:

  • Area Export Manager
  • Business Unit Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Export Manager
  • Export Director
  • Exporter
  • International Business Engineer
  • Key Account Manager
  • Purchase Director
  • Sales Director