Why choose DefiCom

for your Training in Sales, International Trade & Economics?

Professeur Commerce internation

To benefit from:
–       25 years experience on the ground in import and export activities
–       for companies of various sizes and in different sectors
–       gained on the 5 continents
–       10 years of insights and formalization as Consultant and Professor

Michel Eric Ehrlich got in 2014 the Federal Certificate of Competence for Adult Education granted by the Swiss national Umbrella Organisation for Adult Education (SVEB, ECTS: 13.5)

And above all : 
Beyond theoretical knowledge and the use of tangible and effective tools: an active listening and an ability to capture a particular problem and moment to offer a solution -or even better to allow the trainees to generate this solution- are essential.
A successful training is three-pronged:
– the trainer’s knowledge (and the participants’ knowledge, the trainer becoming then a Guide, a Consultant and a Coach)
interaction with the trainer and between the students
practical implementation of tools through games, role-plays and Business Games especially
– These three principles are commonly accepted, and their actual application is necessary to the participants’ motivation and effective learning
Always looking to improve, DefiCom’s goal is not the accumulation of theoretical knowledge for the sake of it, it is to provide the keys to:
experiment the trial of new tools and techniques
autonomous thinking and sound decision-making, as essential steps leading to innovation and creativity

Trainings delivered by DefiCom – Michel Eric Ehrlich: B2B Sales Techniques – International NegotiationsBusiness Development Strategy, Logistics, Transport and Customs, Payment Systems (and Currency Risk Hedging Techniques), International Economics (& Major Stakes in the XXIst century), Entrepreneurship and Business Game in cooperation with the company Optigest.

Watch our Videos (in French) done by “Entrepreneurs’ TV”: Export DiagnosticSpecificities of the Negotiations in the Middle EastSales Payment Technics

The Consultant‘s Expertise – The Teacher‘s willingness to Share – And the Coach‘s ambition to Empowerment


Azerbaijan State Economics University Michel Eric Ehrlich in BakuFF Logo_STG Michel Eric Ehrlich - DefiCom with students of the Azerbaijan State Economics University in Baku
Michel Eric Ehrlich was selected to teach at the prestigious “Azerbaijan State Economics University” in Baku -an 18,000 students university in the Caucasus. He ran a course in International Economics to the “STG” (Special Talents Group): 31 students selected among the best of their class each year to be taught in 4 languages: Azeri, Turkish, Russian and English. Numerous economic and political leaders in Azerbaijan come from the STG.
Michel Eric Ehrlich – DefiCom’s Testimonials and References:        
“It was really useful, interesting and informative week” – “Learned much useful knowledge” –
“Thank You very much for Your amazing classes” – “Nice examples included in lectures”
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