Why select DefiCom for your Consulting assignments?

Choosing DefiCom as a Consultant for your International Business Development would make you benefit from:

 – a 25-year-operational experience in international business
 – in SMEs and large groups
 – as Purchaser, Export Manager, then Export Director and member of an Executive Committee
 – in various market segments, esp. for technical products:
  • Purchase and supply manager, car industry
  • Export Project Manager, computer hardware
  • Export Area Manager, banknotes, passports and other security documents
  • Export Manager, paper industry
  • Export Director, member of the Executive Committee, chemical industry
  • Sales Director, multimedia accessories
Business carried out mainly in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific but also in North and Latin America.
And since 2008: 10 years as a Consultant in International Development and Trainer.
Beyond his expertise in International business and his willingness to share it, DefiCom is convinced that their clients are experts in their activity sector and the best service to provide as a consultant is to empower them as quickly as possible

Interviews in French of Michel Eric Ehrlich done by “Entrepreneurs’ TV” are available on the page “Video” of DefiCom regarding the “Export Diagnostic” – “Specificities of the Negotiations in the Middle-East” – “Select a Payment System”. Watch this space!

What kind of consulting and tangible recommendations in international development? DefiCom can:

– Provide support for strategising: export diagnostic, identification of key factors of success, selection of export markets over another
– Implement marketing and sales export policies: choose distribution modes, recruit agents and distributors, translate the marketing domestic policy into international markets
– Identify and approach international key accounts (ex.: high tech)
– Provide coaching for complex and strategic negotiations
– Raise awareness of multiculturalism, (esp.: MENA, Middle-East North Africa)
– Adapt sales, agent or distributor contracts
– Manage and develop international distribution networks
– Audit sales administration procedures: logistics, credit management
– Implement a well-suited organisation and rigorous methods within an export department



DefiCom fond International Business Development Consultant

Who may benefit from DefiCom?

 – Start-up marketing their products or services to international key accounts
 – SMEs taking their first steps on export markets -or import
 – Subsidiary of a large group with international development projects
 – Import – Export companies
 – Foreign company with a development project in Europe
– Company willing to optimize their Sales Administration Department

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